The Looker

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Reset Active Puzzle
Empower your gameplay with the ability to instantly reset the last puzzle drawn on, ensuring a frustration-free experience and boosting your gaming efficiency.
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    Draw to Solve Puzzle
    Gain the upper hand in The Looker with this mod's 'Draw to Solve Puzzle' feature, providing you with the ability to instantly conquer any puzzle in the game by drawing on it. Say farewell to the frustration of being stuck on challenging puzzles and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with this innovative mod!
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      Take your gaming experience in The Looker to the next level with the Fly mod. Gain free movement, access new areas, and discover hidden secrets as you fly through walls and access no clip mode. Customize your flying experience with adjustable normal and fast fly speeds, unlocking a unique and enhanced way to play The Looker.
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        About The Looker

        You wake up, alone, on a strangely familiar island full of puzzles that will frustrate and annoy you.