The Monarch: First Light

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Explore 3 mods across 2 modpacks for The Monarch: First Light.

Speed Boost
Unleash an exhilarating speed boost feature with the mod, amplifying your in-game character's movement capabilities for an enhanced and personalized gaming experience in The Monarch: First Light. Customize your speed boost preference to match your play style, providing an electrifying edge in battles and exploration.
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    Give Coins
    Quickly expand your in-game wealth with this mod, by gaining an immediate and visible increase in coins. This mod allows for instant generation of a specified amount of coins, empowering players to manage resources, recruit units, and strategically navigate the mythical world with enhanced capabilities.
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      About The Monarch: First Light

      Will you be the savior to purify this land? The Monarch is a lane-defense game where you control a monarch, expand your kingdom, and defend against evil by strategically managing gold resources, recruiting diverse units, and exploring a world filled with mythical threats.