Low Gravity

A mod for The Planet Crafter Demo
About the Low Gravity mod

Redefine your gameplay experience by customizing the planet's gravity settings in The Planet Crafter with this mod. Alter gravity levels to unleash superhuman jumps or enhance the feeling of survival with increased surface adhesion.

Unearth New Possibilities

Empower your character with the ability to leap to new heights, or anchor yourself firmly to the planet's surface by adjusting the gravity settings.

Revolutionize Gameplay Mechanics

Experience an entirely new style of play by modifying gravity levels, enabling super jumps or a more authentic survival feel, altering the game's dynamics in exciting ways.

Tailor Your Adventure

Craft a personalized game environment by adjusting the gravity settings, offering a truly unique and customizable gaming experience that aligns with your preferences.

Extra Details

Lower the gravity so you can jump really high, or increase the gravity to keep you stuck on the surface.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of gravity as a percentage. 100% is full gravity, 50% is half gravity. A negative value will cause you to fly upwards. A value of 0 will disable gravity completely.

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