Free Crafting

A mod for The Planet Crafter Prologue
About the Free Crafting mod

Break free from resource constraints in The Planet Crafter! This mod grants you the ability to craft and build without needing the required materials, letting your creativity flow. Unlock all crafting options and access every unlockable, ensuring your gameplay is as limitless as your imagination.

Empower Your Creativity

Imagine constructing your dream base without the hassle of gathering materials! With this mod, you can unleash your imagination and design freely in The Planet Crafter, making every crafting session a unique experience.

Skip the Grind

Tired of spending hours collecting resources just to build? This mod allows you to bypass resource limits, so you can focus on crafting and enjoying the game without tedious preparation.

Unlock Infinite Potential

With all crafting and construction options instantly available, you can explore all aspects of the game from the start. Discover new strategies and gameplay styles without the usual restrictions, making your journey through The Planet Crafter more thrilling.

Extra Details

Allows you to craft even if you don't have the required resources.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Crafting

Allows you to craft even if you don't have the required resources.

Unlock Everything

Unlocks all crafting and construction.

All Unlockables Unlocked

Unlocks all unlockables.

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