Increase Inventory Size

A mod for The Planet Crafter Prologue
About the Increase Inventory Size mod

Empower your gameplay in The Planet Crafter with an inventory size expansion mod. Customize your inventory space, choosing a maximum size of 250 slots, to accommodate a wider array of resources and items. Freeing you from constant inventory management, this mod enhances your gameplay experience, allowing you to focus on exploration, crafting, and survival.

Enhance Resource Gathering and Crafting

Amplify your ability to collect resources and craft by expanding your inventory capacity. With the increased space, you can gather and carry a wider variety of materials, facilitating more complex building and crafting projects.

Customizable Inventory Size

Tailor your inventory to your specific needs by setting the size to a value that suits your gameplay. Whether you prefer a larger inventory for prolonged exploration or a more focused size for specific tasks, this mod allows you to adapt your inventory space accordingly.

Streamline Gameplay with Enhanced Inventory

Simplify and streamline your gameplay experience by reducing the need for constant inventory management. With the expanded inventory size, you can spend more time exploring, building, and engaging with the immersive world of The Planet Crafter, without frequent interruptions for inventory adjustments.

Extra Details

Increases the size of your inventory.

This modpack contains the following mods

Inventory Size

The new size of your inventory. Picking a value bigger than 40 may result in the inventory flowing off the screen. Use the sort button to bring items to the top of your inventory.

Set Inventory Size

Set the size of your inventory to the selected value.

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