Increased Mining Range

A mod for The Planet Crafter Prologue
About the Increased Mining Range mod

Elevate your resource collection experience in The Planet Crafter with this mod. Adjust the mining distance multiplier to gather resources without constant movement, enabling a more efficient and personalized gameplay experience.

Enhance Resource Gathering

Elevate your resource collection experience in The Planet Crafter by customizing the mining distance multiplier, enabling seamless resource collection without constant movement.

Customize Resource Collection

Tailor resource collecting mechanics to suit your gameplay style with the adjustable mining range mod for The Planet Crafter. Gather resources efficiently at the range of your choice.

Improved Efficiency

Increase productivity and efficiency in The Planet Crafter with the mod's enhanced resource collection capabilities, allowing players to optimize resource gathering with ease.

Extra Details

Allows you to increase or decrease the range of your mining and resource collection. Sit in one spot collect resources without walking over to them.

This modpack contains the following mods

Mining Distance Multiplier

Multiplies the distance that you can mine from. A value of 1 will have no effect. A value of 0 will prevent you from collecting resources.

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