Play Ending

A mod for The Planet Crafter
About the Play Ending mod

Unveil a new level of control over your gaming experience with this mod, enabling seamless and immediate access to specific game endings, allowing for an adaptable and personalized way to enjoy game narratives.

Tailor-Made Endings

Unleash the power to shape your game's narrative by installing this mod, allowing you to play specific game endings according to your preferences, providing a truly unique gaming experience.

Instant-Play Cheats

Dive into the game's endings effortlessly with the mod's built-in cheats, enabling you to easily engage and enjoy various game endings without the need for complex gameplay.

Gameplay Customization

Harness the ability to tailor your game experience with modded features, including the convenience to instantly access and enjoy different game endings, adding a whole new level of excitement to your gameplay.

Extra Details

Instantly play yourself the specified ending.

This modpack contains the following mods

Ending to Play

The ending to play.

Refresh Ending List

Refresh the items list.

Play Ending

Play the specified ending.

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