A mod for The Walking Zombie 2
About the Fly mod

Unlock the ability to effortlessly traverse the map in The Walking Zombie 2, allowing you to fly freely, discover hidden secrets, and maneuver through walls with ease. This innovative mod transforms your gaming experience with customizable speed settings for a tailored adventure.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

With the ability to fly through the game, players can reveal hidden treasures and secrets scattered throughout the world. Experience the thrill of exploration in The Walking Zombie 2 like never before, opening up new gameplay possibilities.

Freedom of Movement Redefined

Say goodbye to obstacles! This mod allows you to navigate through walls effortlessly, giving you complete control over your character's movement. Whether you want to take a scenic route or reach your destination quickly, the world is your playground.

Adjust Your Flight Speed

Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or need to dash across the map, you can customize your flying speed. This feature enhances the experience, making it simple to adapt to your gaming style as you soar through the landscape.

Extra Details

Fly around the game to reach new areas and discover secrets, go through walls and gain free movement. Fly is also sometimes called no clip.

This modpack contains the following mods


Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Normal Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you aren't holding down the fast key. (default shift)

Fast Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you are holding down the fast key. (default shift)

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