Unlimited Health

A mod for The Walking Zombie 2
About the Unlimited Health mod

Access unlimited health and god mode, transforming your gaming experience in The Walking Zombie 2. With this mod, you'll never die and always stay at full health, giving you an unbeatable advantage.

Unparalleled Advantage with Infinite Health

This mod ensures players cannot die and their health will always be full, giving them an invincible edge and making the game both easier and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Gameplay with God Mode

By providing god mode, the mod empowers players with an unmatched gaming experience, allowing them to overcome challenges effortlessly and dominate The Walking Zombie 2.

Easier and Enjoyable Gaming Experience

For those seeking a simplified and more enjoyable playing experience, this mod offers an invaluable solution by providing unlimited health and god mode in The Walking Zombie 2.

Extra Details

Gives you unlimited health. You can't die anymore. Your health will always be full. You have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Gives you unlimited health. Your health will be filled.

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