Thief Simulator 2: Prologue

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Explore 7 mods across 3 modpacks for Thief Simulator 2: Prologue.

Gain an edge and elevate your Thief Simulator 2: Prologue experience with the Fly mod. Unlock new areas, reveal hidden secrets, and enjoy unparalleled freedom through no-clip mode. Seamlessly fly through walls and barriers, enhancing your exploration and gameplay. You can even customize your fly speed for a personalized gaming experience.
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    Give Money
    Elevate your gaming experience with the Give Money mod for Thief Simulator 2: Prologue, allowing you to instantly grant a specified amount of in-game money to your character. Gain a substantial financial advantage to explore, purchase, and upgrade various elements within the game, unlocking new opportunities for an enhanced gameplay experience.
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      Give XP
      Elevate your 'Thief Simulator 2: Prologue' experience with the option to instantly grant yourself a customized amount of experience points. Tailor your character's progression to your preferences, with the ability to give yourself anywhere from 1 to 1,000,000 XP, ensuring a seamless and enhanced gameplay.
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        About Thief Simulator 2: Prologue

        Tired of political exploitation? Join me and let's rebuild our thieving business together! Let's steal cars, radios, and TVs - anything that catches your eye can be yours! Recall what it's like to be a thief in Thief Simulator 2: Prologue!