Thief Simulator 2: Prologue

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Elevate your Thief Simulator 2: Prologue experience by effortlessly navigating through the game world. This mod empowers you to fly freely, accessing hard-to-reach areas and unveiling exciting secrets that would remain hidden otherwise. Enjoy customized speed settings for both casual and fast-paced exploration, making your thieving adventure even more thrilling.
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    Give Money
    Elevate your gaming experience in Thief Simulator 2: Prologue by instantly granting yourself the money you need to thrive. Customize the amount to suit your style, allowing you to explore the exciting world of thievery without the frustration of in-game limitations.
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      Give XP
      Unlock your potential in Thief Simulator 2: Prologue by easily granting yourself experience points. Customize how much XP you want to gain, allowing for a tailored approach to advancing your skills and abilities. Whether you're tired of grinding or just want to enjoy the thrilling aspects of thieving, this mod makes it all possible.
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        About Thief Simulator 2: Prologue

        Tired of political exploitation? Join me and let's rebuild our thieving business together! Let's steal cars, radios, and TVs - anything that catches your eye can be yours! Recall what it's like to be a thief in Thief Simulator 2: Prologue!