Give Cash

A mod for Thief Simulator
About the Give Cash mod

Unlock a wealth of advantages with the ability to instantly give yourself cash, enhancing your gameplay and allowing you to invest in high-tech tools needed for the ultimate thieving experience. Customize the amount you wish to receive for fully tailored gameplay.

Boost Your Thieving Skills

Imagine being able to level up your thieving skills without the usual hustle. This mod grants you the cash you need to purchase advanced equipment and tools, helping you execute the perfect heist with ease.

Customize Your Experience

With the flexibility to choose how much money you want, this mod allows you to tailor your gameplay to match your goals. Whether you aim for some extra cash for a new gadget or to make big investments, the choice is yours!

Quick Cash for Every Scenario

No more waiting around for that elusive payday! Instantly provide yourself with cash so that you never miss out on a fantastic opportunity to steal, sell, or upgrade in the game.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself cash.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Cash to give

The amount of cash to give.

Give Cash

Give yourself the specified amount of cash.

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