Give Experience

A mod for Thief Simulator
About the Give Experience mod

Unlock your potential in Thief Simulator with this mod that lets you give yourself experience points instantly. No more waiting to level up—take control and elevate your gameplay by specifying how much experience you want to receive, enjoying the thrill of the game without the grind.

Seamless Leveling Without the Grind

Imagine jumping straight into advanced gameplay experiences without the need for tedious grinding. This mod allows you to gain experience effortlessly, enabling you to enjoy the thrills of theft and high-tech heists without the wait.

Tailor Your Experience Progression

With the option to specify exactly how much experience you want, you can tailor your progression to whatever suits your playstyle. Want to zoom through levels? It’s all in your hands, making your journey through Thief Simulator uniquely your own.

Unlock High-Tech Gear Faster

As you level up effortlessly, you gain access to cutting-edge tools and equipment much quicker. This mod transforms your gameplay experience, allowing for smoother heists and more exciting missions sooner than you would expect.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself experience points. Easily level up as much as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Experience to give

The amount of experience to give.

Give Experience

Give yourself the specified amount of experience.

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