Give Experience

A mod for Thief Simulator
About the Give Experience mod

Enhance your Thief Simulator experience by effortlessly leveling up with the 'Give Experience' mod. Specify the desired amount of experience points to rapidly boost your character's progression within the game.

Effortless Leveling

Easily boost your character's experience with the 'Give Experience' feature, providing hassle-free leveling up in the game, saving time and effort.

Tailored Experience

Specify the amount of experience points you desire, enabling a customized and flexible approach to character progression to suit your gameplay needs.

Rapid Skill Development

Accelerate skill acquisition by effortlessly attaining experience points to expedite character development, maximizing the potential of your in-game abilities.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself experience points. Easily level up as much as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Experience to give

The amount of experience to give.

Give Experience

Give yourself the specified amount of experience.

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