Give Item

A mod for Thief Simulator
About the Give Item mod

Unlock your potential as a master thief by instantly acquiring any item you desire in Thief Simulator. This user-friendly mod allows you to select from a diverse range of items, manage their quantities, and even refresh your item list to keep your gameplay dynamic and engaging.

Effortless Item Access

Imagine diving into your thief role without the limitation of items. This mod allows you to effortlessly access any item from the game with a single click, ensuring that you can focus more on the thrill of stealing instead of worrying about what you're missing.

Expand Your Thieving Arsenal

With the ability to choose from a diverse item list, players can expand their arsenal to include some of the most beneficial items for their criminal activities. Whether you're eyeing rare collectibles or simple household goods, this mod lets you quickly acquire what you need.

Refresh and Revitalize Your Gameplay

Keep your gameplay fresh and exciting by refreshing your item list whenever you want. This feature ensures that you're always aware of the best options available to maximize your thieving potential.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself any item.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item To Give

The item to give yourself.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of items that are available.


The quantity to give.

Give Item

Instantly give yourself the selected item.

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