Empty Storage Capacity

A mod for Timberborn
About the Empty Storage Capacity mod

Efficiently manage your stockpiles and inventories with the ability to instantly remove all stored items, offering a convenient solution for optimizing storage capacity in Timberborn.

Streamline Your Stockpile Management

Effortlessly clear your storages and inventories, providing a quick way to manage your supplies and resources in Timberborn.

Enhance Storage Efficiency

Take advantage of an instant solution to free up space and optimize your stockpiles, providing better control over resources in Timberborn.

Prioritize Resource Allocation

Simplify the stockpile management process, allowing you to prioritize the allocation of resources and maintain a well-organized city in Timberborn.

Extra Details

Instantly remove everything from all your storages and inventories. All your stock piles will be emptied.

This modpack contains the following mods

Empty Storage Capacity

Instantly empty all of your stock piles.

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