Fill Storage Capacity

A mod for Timberborn
About the Fill Storage Capacity mod

Empower your Timberborn gameplay with the ability to quickly fill storage and inventory capacity with items, maximize resources in stockpiles, and facilitate rapid construction of buildings by filling their material needs instantly. Enhance efficiency and streamline resource management in Timberborn with this mod.

Effortless Stockpile Management

Easily ensure that your resources are maximized in Timberborn by quickly filling storage and inventory to their capacity, promoting efficient resource storage and management.

Rapid Construction Facilitation

Experience the convenience of instantly fulfilling buildings' material requirements, swiftly advancing construction without the need to manually transport resources in Timberborn.

Seamless Resource Optimization

Optimize your stockpile's capacity effortlessly, maximizing resources in any given stockpile with this mod, promoting seamless resource management and growth in Timberborn.

Extra Details

Instantly fill the capacity of every storage / inventory. Fills up storages to have their capacity filled with items. Gives you the max number of resources in any given stock pile. This also fills the needs of any buildings, allowing you to simply construct them, without having to bring materials over.

This modpack contains the following mods

Fill Storage Capacity

Instantly fills your storages to capacity.

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