Slow Race Timer

A mod for Tinykin
About the Slow Race Timer mod

Transform your racing experience in Tinykin by using powerful timer controls. Slow down the race timer or pause it completely, ensuring you secure gold medals effortlessly and enjoy every moment of the game.

Master Your Races

With the ability to slow down or completely pause the race timer, you can take the pressure off and focus on mastering the game's challenges. No more frantic button mashing—take your time to strategize and secure that gold medal.

Achieve Gold and Beyond

Imagine breezing through races, effortlessly collecting gold and even platinum medals. This feature is designed to help players of all skill levels achieve their best performance and unlock new achievements without frustration.

Customize Your Experience

Adjusting the timer's speed is as simple as setting a multiplier. Whether you want to slow down the action for a leisurely stroll or need extra time for precision, this mod allows you to tailor the gaming experience to your preferences.

Extra Details

Allows you to slow down the race timer, or pause it all together. Easily get a gold medal.

This modpack contains the following mods

Slow Race Timer

Gives you slow race timer.

Timer Multiplier

A multiplier for the race timer, the bigger the number, the slower the timer goes. Set it to 0 to stop the timer all together.

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