Spawn Sbirz

A mod for Tinykin
About the Spawn Sbirz mod

Empower your Tinykin gameplay with the ability to instantly and efficiently summon a customized legion of Sbirz creatures, each offering unique powers and abilities to aid you on your adventure.

Unleash an Army of Sbirz

Summon a personalized legion of Sbirz to join and empower you, enhancing your gaming experience with customizable options and unleashing unique abilities at your command.

Enhance Your Gameplay

Elevate your adventure by instantly summoning the Sbirz that best suit your needs, tailored to your preferences and offering additional ways to strategize and thrive in the game world.

Unleash Unique Powers and Abilities

Access an array of powers and abilities by summoning varying Sbirz types, each bringing unique capabilities to your side, providing a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Instantly spawn the specified kind of Sbirz. The Sbirz are the little creatures that follow you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Sbirz to Spawn

The sbirz to spawn.

Refresh Sbirz List

Refresh the items list.


The quantity to spawn.

Spawn Sbirz

Spawn the specified sbirz.

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