Give Resources

A mod for To The Core
About the Give Resources mod

Unlock the power to instantly give yourself valuable resources in this exciting incremental game. Choose from various materials and quantities to elevate your gameplay, gaining the upper hand as you invest in upgrades and conquer new challenges.

Instant Resource Acquisition

Imagine transforming your gameplay with the ability to instantly acquire resources! This feature allows you to enhance your strategy effortlessly by giving you exactly what you need—whenever you need it. Say goodbye to grinding and hello to an upgraded experience.

Diverse Resource Options

Whether you need common materials like coal and clay or rare items like diamond and antimatter, you can select from a wide range of resources tailored to your gameplay style. This flexibility ensures you can tackle challenges more effectively.

Total Control Over Gameplay

Take full control of your journey in this incremental game. With the ability to specify quantities and even give yourself all resources at once, you can focus on strategic upgrades and dominate the planets you explore like never before.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself the specified resource.

This modpack contains the following mods

Resources to Give

The resources to give.

Refresh Resources List

Refresh the list of resources.


The quantity of resources to give.

Give Resources

Give the specified amount of resources.

Give All Resources

Give the specified amount of all resources.

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