Infinite Damage

A mod for To The Core
About the Infinite Damage mod

Acquire the mod and experience unparalleled power, obtaining the ability to instantly destroy blocks and obstacles with unlimited damage potential. This game-changing upgrade will revolutionize your To The Core gameplay, propelling you to new heights of control and efficiency.

Unleash Unprecedented Power

With this mod, you'll harness an unrivaled ability that instantly obliterates any block or obstacle in your path, transforming your gameplay experience into one of remarkable speed and efficiency.

Seize Total Control

Embrace unparalleled control as you gain the capability to effortlessly dismantle any obstruction, granting you the upper hand to progress swiftly in your galaxy-exploring adventures in To The Core.

Dominate with Limitless Destruction

Gain the advantage with the ultimate game-changing cheat code that empowers you with infinite damage potential, allowing you to effortlessly conquer the obstacles hindering your journey through To The Core.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite damage. You will instantly kill blocks you touch.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Damage

Gives you infinite damage.

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