A mod for Totally Reliable Delivery Service
About the Fly mod

Unleash the Fly mod to soar through the skies and navigate with unprecedented agility in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Gain the power to explore hidden areas, discover shortcuts, and experience unparalleled freedom of movement as you bypass obstacles and uncover secrets throughout the game world.

Discover Hidden Shortcuts and Secrets

Unleash the power of flight to seamlessly navigate through hidden paths, uncover secret areas, and access concealed shortcuts across the expansive map of Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

Immerse in Unrestricted Exploration

Liberate your gameplay by defying all limitations, enabling complete freedom of movement to explore uncharted territories and elevate your gaming experience with the Fly mod in Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

Enhance Your TRDS Adventure

Elevate your adventure by activating the Fly mod, providing access to a whole new dimension of exploration and discovery, making every game session in Totally Reliable Delivery Service an exhilarating journey.

Extra Details

Fly around the game to reach new areas and discover secrets, go through walls and gain free movement. Fly is also sometimes called no clip.

This modpack contains the following mods


Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode. Use jump to go higher, run to go faster, and dive to go lower.

Normal Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you aren't holding down the fast key. (run binding, default shift)

Fast Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you are holding down the fast key. (run binding, default shift)

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