Toy Shire: Room One

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Win Level
Empower yourself with the ability to swiftly overcome challenges and control your destiny within the game, winning or losing any level with a simple click, adding an exciting twist to gameplay.
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    Give Stars
    Instantly boost your toy army with a specified amount of stars, enhancing your strategic advantage and defense capabilities. With the ability to customize the star count, this mod allows you to effortlessly access an abundance of stars to strengthen your gameplay and thwart enemies.
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      Spawn Boss
      Access an exclusive advantage with the ability to instantly spawn powerful bosses in Toy Shire: Room One. Unleash epic boss battles, elevate your gameplay, and gain strategic advantage by confronting challenging bosses on demand.
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        About Toy Shire: Room One

        Are you prepared for a thrilling toy army tower defense adventure? Welcome to the Toy Shire! Battle diverse foes in various locations, defend your family, and repel foes from your area. Save the world by strengthening your defense with toy towers!