Train Station Renovation

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Give Stars
Easily obtain a specified amount of stars in Train Station Renovation with the 'Give Stars' mod. Say goodbye to tedious grinding and enhance your gaming experience by granting yourself any desired amount of stars instantly.
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    Give Money
    Elevate your in-game financial status by customizing your virtual wealth instantly with this enhanced mod. Whether you're seeking a modest monetary lift or a substantial windfall, this mod gives you the control to ascertain and boost your in-game funds, empowering you to take full control of your financial situation within the game.
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      Instant Cleaning
      Unleash the ultimate environmental upgrade with the Instant Cleaning mod for Train Station Renovation. Effortlessly erase all traces of trash, graffiti, and dust, and seamlessly replace items for a swift and impeccable station makeover.
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        About Train Station Renovation

        Welcome to an old, ruined train station. A place that will give you a lot of fun! In Train Station Renovation you play as a renovation company specialized in restoring old and damaged railway stations.