Combo Enhancer

About the Combo Enhancer mod

Take command of your combos in ULTRAKILL with the Combo Enhancer mod. Modify the drain speed, instantly halt or boost your combo rank, and elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Enjoy tailored, personalized combat experiences and dominate the battlefield with unparalleled control.

Customize Combo Drain

Take charge of how fast your combos drain, granting you precision and control over your gameplay experience. Tailor the drain speed to suit your playstyle and enjoy a more personalized combat experience.

Maximize Combo Rank

Elevate your performance by efficiently managing your combo rank. Strategically increase or decrease your combo rank to maximize your combat effectiveness, giving you a competitive edge against your foes.

Enhanced Gameplay Control

Empower your gaming experience and dominate the battlefield with the capability to halt or amplify your combo at will. Unleash unparalleled control over your combos, shaping the combat to your advantage and achieving unprecedented levels of carnage.

Extra Details

Take control of your combos, slow the rate at which combos are drained, or stop the drain all together. Increase or instantly stop your combo at any time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Change Combo Drain Speed

Enable the toggle to change the rate at which combos drain. A value of 0 will stop it completely. A value of 1 will have no effect. A value of 0.1 will make it take 10 times as long. A value of 2 will make it drain twice as fast. A negative value will make it slowly fill up over time. It won't increase unless you have an active combo in the first place.

Increase Combo Rank

Increase your current combo rank. There can be a max of 7 increases before you max this out. The highest rank is ULTRAKILL.

Lower Combo Rank

Lower your current combo rank, if you have an active combo.

End Combo

Instantly end your current combo.

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