Infinite Jumps

About the Infinite Jumps mod

Unleash boundless movement possibilities with the ULTRAKILL movement mod. Gain the edge with the ability to execute infinite jumps and wall jumps, empowering you to navigate the game world with unprecedented freedom and agility. Elevate your gaming experience with unrestricted movement abilities and unlock new aerial combat techniques.

Master Unique Aerial Combat Techniques

Enhance your gameplay by gaining unparalleled movement abilities, allowing you to dominate aerial battles and outmaneuver enemies with unmatched agility.

Unlock Ultimate Freedom of Movement

Unleash unrestricted jumping and wall jumping, granting the freedom to explore new areas and discover hidden secrets within the game, providing a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

Amplify Your Combat Efficiency

Experience increased tactical advantage and combat potential with enhanced movement capabilities, allowing you to outsmart enemies and execute advanced combat maneuvers effortlessly.

Extra Details

Do an infinite number of jumps or wall jumps.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Wall Jumps

Give yourself infinite wall jumps. Jump up as high as you want.

Infinite Jumps

Give yourself infinite jumps. Jump as many times as you want, with or without a wall.

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