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Explore 7 mods across 4 modpacks for Underminer.

Unlock All Equipment
Gain instant access to all gear, including your engine, body, and drill, allowing for a seamless upgrade experience in Underminer. Skip the tedious grind and dive directly into the adventures that await beneath the surface.
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    Give Money
    Unlock unparalleled potential in your underground adventure! With this mod, you can instantly receive a specified amount of money, allowing you to delve deeper into the exciting world of Underminer without the usual constraints. Customize your funds for a tailored experience, and say goodbye to the grind!
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      Give XP
      Instantly boost your gameplay in Underminer by giving yourself a chosen amount of experience points. This mod allows you to instantly enhance your character's abilities and progression, making your subterranean adventure even more exciting.
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        Infinite Health & Fuel
        This incredible enhancement grants you infinite health and fuel, allowing you to explore the vast underground world of Underminer without limits. Say goodbye to the constant threat of danger and resource management, and embrace an adventure where you can truly focus on discovering new depths and legendary minerals.
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          About Underminer

          Welcome to Underminer, an underground adventure game set in a subterranean world. Mine minerals, earn money, upgrade your drill machine and descend deeper into the earth. The truth about 'legendary minerals' and an exciting underground world are waiting for you!