Teleport Goose (Speedrun Locations)

A mod for Untitled Goose Game
About the Teleport Goose (Speedrun Locations) mod

Transform your gaming experience with a mod that enables your goose to teleport instantly to various speedrun locations. Whether you’re aiming for the Geesus Clip or the Bridge Clip, this feature enhances your gameplay by allowing you to navigate the environment more efficiently.

Master Speedrunning with Ease

Unlock a whole new level of gameplay by teleporting your goose to key speedrun locations. This feature allows players to bypass obstacles and achieve faster completion times, making it easier to conquer the game's challenges.

Choose Your Adventure

Experience the thrill of strategic teleportation! With a selection of specific spots like the Bridge Clip and Tower Clip, you can transport your goose exactly where you need it, making every play session uniquely exciting.

Seamless Gameplay Enhancement

Rather than altering the game’s essence, this mod enhances the overall play by offering teleportation options. Enjoy the delightful chaos of being a goose while effortlessly navigating through the village with speed and agility.

Extra Details

Instantly teleport goose to various speedrun locations such as Geesus Clip, Bridge Clip, House Clip and more.

This modpack contains the following mods

Teleport Location

Select a location to teleport to.

Teleport Goose

Instantly teleport your goose to the chosen location.

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