Teleport Goose

A mod for Untitled Goose Game
About the Teleport Goose mod

Enhance your gameplay with instant teleportation features that allow your character to seamlessly jump between exciting locations in the world of Untitled Goose Game. Choose your destination and experience the joy of exploration like never before!

Overview Video
Unlock Instant Exploration

Experience the thrill of unlocking swift exploration throughout the game. With the ability to teleport to various iconic locations, you'll discover new interactions and gather items without the usual wait.

Save Time and Enhance Fun

Say goodbye to lengthy strolls across the village! This mod saves time, allowing you to focus on the fun of being a mischievous goose, taking advantage of the freedom to jump between locations effortlessly.

User-Friendly Teleportation

Imagine selecting your next adventure with just a click! The intuitive interface means anyone can enjoy the benefits of teleportation without any technical hassle, making every game session a breeze.

Extra Details

Instantly teleport goose to various locations such as Garden, High Street, Pink House and more.

This modpack contains the following mods

Teleport Location

Select a location to teleport to.

Teleport Goose

Instantly teleport your goose to the chosen location.

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