Enemy Spawner

A mod for Vectorio Classic
About the Enemy Spawner mod

Elevate your gaming experience by spawning a variety of enemies and bosses in Vectorio Classic. With options to customize enemy types, select their variants, and adjust movement speeds, you can create intense battles that push your strategic skills to the limit.

Unleash Chaos with Enemy Waves

Amplify your survival challenge by spawning various enemies and bosses all at once. Engage in a thrilling showdown as you fend off relentless waves of foes, perfect for gamers looking to ramp up their excitement.

Customize Your Foes

Why settle for ordinary when you can customize? Select from different enemy types and their unique variants to keep your gameplay fresh. Each variant boasts unique stats and looks, allowing you to create your own distinct challenge.

Control the Battlefield

Adjust enemy movement speed to suit your playstyle. Want a swift-moving threat? Up the ante! This flexibility allows for strategic planning, ensuring every encounter keeps you on your toes.

Extra Details

Spawn enemies and bosses. Create an insane wave of enemies.

This modpack contains the following mods

Enemy To Spawn

The enemy to spawn.

Variant To Spawn

The variant to spawn. This will change the look and stats of the enemy.

Refresh Enemies

Reloads the list of enemies and variants.

Enemy Movement Speed

The speed of the enemy. The default value is 5. This won't apply to bosses.

Spawn Count

How many enemies to spawn. Setting this super high will crash the game.

Spawn Enemy

Spawn the selected enemy. A different random spawn will be selected for each enemy.

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