Peaceful Playground

A mod for Volcanoids
About the Peaceful Playground mod

Transform your Volcanoids experience into a peaceful sanctuary where you can explore without interruptions. With AI and turrets disabled, roam freely in a tranquil environment where you can dictate your pace and interactions, ensuring a serene gaming experience.

Discover Tranquility in Your Gameplay

Imagine wandering through the stunning volcanic landscapes without a care in the world. By disabling AI, you can enjoy the serene beauty of this steampunk world without any hostile interactions. It's your chance to truly absorb the environment!

Create Your Own Pace

Experience a refreshing shift in how you play. Without turrets and AI challenges, you can dictate the tempo of your adventure. Take your time to construct, explore, and appreciate every detail of this rich world without the usual distractions.

Ideal for Relaxation and Creativity

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, this mod provides a perfect canvas for creativity. It's an opportunity to build and explore at your leisure, fostering a completely stress-free experience on this beautiful volcanic island.

Extra Details

Transform your gaming environment into a serene sanctuary with the Peaceful Playground Mod. Disable AI to ensure that entities remain non-interactive, granting you the freedom to roam unhindered. Moreover, neutralize any looming threats by disabling turrets, allowing for a truly tranquil experience. Dive into a world where you dictate the pace and interactions.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable AI

Turn off AI so things won't interact with you.

Disable Turrets

Disable turrets to prevent them from doing anything.

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