Infinite Torpedoes

A mod for We Need to Go Deeper
About the Infinite Torpedoes mod

Never run out of torpedoes in We Need to Go Deeper! This mod grants you infinite torpedoes, ensuring non-stop action and enhancing your submarine exploration with an endless supply of firepower.

Unlimited Torpedoes for Uninterrupted Action

Never worry about running out of torpedoes again. With this mod, explore the depths of the ocean in We Need to Go Deeper without any interruption to your action-packed battles.

Continuous Gameplay with Infinite Torpedoes

Experience extended gameplay with an endless supply of torpedoes. This mod ensures you have the firepower needed to tackle any challenge that comes your way in We Need to Go Deeper.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Join forces with your crew and elevate your gaming experience to new heights. With infinite torpedoes, prepare for intense battles and enrich your We Need to Go Deeper journey like never before.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite torpedoes. Your torpedoes will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Torpedoes

Gives you infinite torpedoes.

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