Unlock All Relics

A mod for We Need to Go Deeper
About the Unlock All Relics mod

Experience the thrill of instant access to all relics, allowing you and your crew to transform your gameplay in We Need to Go Deeper. Simply open the relics screen, and after a quick refresh, you'll find all the powerful relics ready to enhance your submarine adventures.

Maximize Your Submarine's Potential

By unlocking all relics instantly, you can give your submarine crew the upper hand they need to explore deeper and uncover the ocean's secrets. No more grinding or waiting—jump straight into action!

Effortless Gameplay Enhancements

The mod allows you to use the relics screen seamlessly. Just close and reopen it to see the newfound treasures at your disposal, enhancing not only your gameplay but also your team's synergy as you dive together.

Try It Today and Transform Your Game

Experience the thrill of unlocking powerful relics without the hassle. This mod is perfect for players eager to maximize their cooperative submarine journeys while enjoying the game's captivating undersea universe.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all relics. Close and open the relics screen for the unlocks relics to update.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Relics

Instantly unlock all relics. Use this on the main title screen of the game.

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