Weed Shop 2

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Explore 9 mods across 4 modpacks for Weed Shop 2.

Unlock a whole new dimension of gameplay with the ability to fly and explore every corner of Weed Shop 2. Glide through walls, discover hidden secrets, and traverse the map freely without limits. Enjoy customizable speed settings that cater to your play style, making your journey through this vibrant game even more thrilling.
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    Give Money
    This fantastic tool lets you instantly grant yourself any specified amount of cash, transforming your gameplay in Weed Shop 2. Whether you're looking to hire top-notch staff or expand your dispensary, this mod ensures you can effortlessly gain the financial advantage you want.
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      Give Weed
      Transform your experience in this recreational marijuana dispensary simulator by instantly boosting your weed stock with customizable amounts. No more tedious grinding; just straightforward enhancements to your gameplay.
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        Level Up
        Unlock the potential of your Weed Shop 2 experience with this mod that lets you instantly level up your character. By choosing your desired number of levels from 1 to 10, you can swiftly enhance your skills and dive deeper into the game without the tedious grind.
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          About Weed Shop 2

          Weed Shop 2 is a first person recreational Marijuana dispensary simulator where you'll get to grow the hottest strains, expand your business, hire employees and much more!