A mod for Wild Animal Sports
About the Essentials mod

Enhance your gaming experience with this mod that unlocks all movies, allows you to adjust your total number of wins, secures a perfect score at the end of rounds, and grants you the ability to instantly win or lose events. Experience Wild Animal Sports like never before with these game-changing features.

Access All Movies Effortlessly

Unlocked movies can be effortlessly accessed from the title screen, providing an enhanced gaming experience.

Dominate Events Instantly

Take control of the game by instantly winning or losing the current event with the click of a button, transforming the gameplay experience.

Perfect Your Performance

Ensure a perfect score at the end of any round, allowing for focused gameplay and improved results.

Extra Details

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Movies

Unlock all the movies. The movies can be accessed from the main title screen and usually required a certain number of wins to view them.

Total Wins

Change the total number of wins you have.

Perfect Score

Gives you a perfect score when the round ends.

Win Event

Instantly win the current event.

Lose Event

Instantly lose the current event.

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