Can't Fall

A mod for Wizard of Legend
About the Can't Fall mod

Experience an all-new dimension in Wizard of Legend with the 'Can't Fall' mod. This unique mod prevents players from falling into pits, offering the advantage to run over pits if they land directly on them.

Leap Over Pits

With this mod, players gain the ability to run over pits if they land directly on them, providing an incredible advantage when navigating the game's treacherous terrains.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Experience the game in a whole new way with the added convenience of not falling into pits, boosting your performance and enjoyment in Wizard of Legend.

Game-Changing Cheat

Gain an edge in the game with the 'Can't Fall' mod, a unique cheating option designed to prevent falling into pits and providing an entirely new dimension to your gameplay.

Extra Details

Gives you can't fall. You can't fall into pits. You can run on pits if you land directly on a pit.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Fall

Gives you can't fall.

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