Achievement Manager

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Achievement Manager mod

Maximize your gaming experience in Wobbly Life with this achievement management mod. Unlock hard-to-get achievements, lock and unlock targets at your will, and earn in-game cash to enjoy the vibrant world with friends.

Overview Video
Achievement Unlocker

Easily unlock hard-to-achieve milestones in the game without spending countless hours trying to accomplish them. Enjoy the game stress-free, knowing you can access all achievements as needed.

Customizable Achievement Selection

Pick and choose which achievements to lock or unlock according to your preference. Take control of your gaming experience by tailoring the challenges to your liking.

Enhanced Gameplay and Earnings

Boost your in-game cash and overall gaming experience while playing with friends in online and local co-op modes. Explore and maximize the game world with enhanced achievements and rewards.

Extra Details

Unlock all those hard to get achievements. Lock all your achievements and have another go at unlocking them.

This modpack contains the following mods


Select an achievement to lock or unlock.

Unlock Achievement

Unlock the selected achievement.

Lock Achievement

Lock the selected achievement.

Unlock All Achievements

Unlock all achievements.

Lock All Achievements

Lockall achievements.

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