Clothes Manager

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Clothes Manager mod

Enjoy the freedom to unlock all in-game clothes instantly with the Clothes Manager mod for Wobbly Life. Change outfits anytime using the wardrobe teleport feature, accessing all clothing options effortlessly.

Overview Video
Ultimate Wardrobe Freedom

Access all the outfits, instantly unlocking every clothing option in the game. No more restrictions, just complete freedom to choose your style.

Outfit Change Anytime, Anywhere

With the wardrobe teleport feature, change clothes on the go, seamlessly and effortlessly. Dress up for any occasion, no matter where you are on Wobbly Island.

Unrestricted Clothing Options

Unlock all the clothing choices in Wobbly Life, from formal wear to fun costumes. Enjoy the vast array of outfits this mod provides, enhancing your gaming experience.

Extra Details

Lock and Unlock all of the clothes that are in the game. Teleport to wardrobes so you can change your clothes whenever you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Clothes

Instantly unlocks all the clothes in the game. Go to a wardrobe to change clothes. Go out of the wardrobe and back in for the clothing to refresh.

Lock All Clothes

Instantly locks all the clothes in the game. This allows you to go through and unlock them all again. Go out of the wardrobe and back in for the clothing to refresh.

Teleport to Wardrobe

Opens the nearest wardrobe to you. You will be teleported next to the wardrobe. If you are really far away from any wardrobes, you will be teleported to your grandmas wardrobe.

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