Custom Items

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Custom Items mod

Enhance your Wobbly Life experience with a set of custom tools and items that lets you manipulate and customize the world around you. With a versatile physgun and an innovative toolgun, this mod introduces new ways to engage with the game, offering players the freedom to create their own unique adventures.

Overview Video
Unlock Your Creativity with Object Manipulation

Imagine being able to pick up and rearrange everything from props to vehicles in Wobbly Life. This mod empowers players to explore their creative side by moving and rotating objects for fun setups or unique gameplay experiences.

Transform Your Gameplay with Custom Tools

Eager to make your gameplay more resourceful? Dive into the world of object transformation with a toolgun that allows you to customize items at will. Instantly resize or change the color of vehicles while adding your personal touch!

Endless Fun with Prop and Money Bag Spawning

Looking to amplify your sandbox adventures? With the ability to spawn props and money bags, this mod not only adds visual excitement but also provides practical benefits to fuel your creativity and in-game objectives.

Extra Details

Adds custom items to Wobbly Life. Adds a physgun which allows you to pick up props and various other objects. You can freeze them, rotate them and move them around. Adds a toolgun to change properties of things and remove things.

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