Hide UI

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Hide UI mod

Transform your gaming experience by choosing what parts of the UI you want to see. With options to hide elements like the minimap and player information, you can create the perfect backdrop for your adventures in Wobbly Life.

Capture Stunning Shots

By utilizing the ability to hide UI elements, you can achieve clean, distraction-free shots, perfect for showcasing your adventures in Wobbly Life.

Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

This mod is designed with players in mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying the game rather than messy on-screen elements.

Perfect for Content Creators

If you're looking to create videos or streams, the functionality to hide various interface options will help you produce professional-looking content effortlessly.

Extra Details

Hide and show various parts of the UI. This is super useful for content creators who want to get those clean shots of Wobbly Life.

This modpack contains the following mods

Hide Minimap

When enabled, the minimap will be hidden.

Hide Player Icons

When enabled, other player's icons will be hidden.

Hide Player Names

When enabled, other player's names will be hidden.

Hide Job Information

When enabled, the current objective job UI will be hidden.

Hide Job Timer

When enabled, the current job timer will be hidden.

Hide Controls and Hints

When enabled, the controls and hints will be hidden.

Refresh Hidden Elements

This option is useful if some of the UI elements such as the minimap appear. Use this to hide it again. This option should only be useful is very rare situations.

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