Infinite Jetpack Fuel

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Infinite Jetpack Fuel mod

Unlock limitless potential in Wobbly Life with this mod, which grants you infinite jetpack fuel. Enjoy uninterrupted exploration, embark on thrilling adventures, and enhance your cooperative gameplay with friends as you effortlessly soar through the vibrant landscapes of Wobbly Island.

Overview Video
Soar Higher Than Ever

Imagine exploring every corner of Wobbly Island without the worry of running out of jetpack fuel. This modification allows you to take your time discovering dynamic locations and engaging in exciting mini-games, all while gliding effortlessly through the skies.

Team Up for Unlimited Fun

Join your friends in a lively online or local co-op setting where the possibilities are endless! With infinite jetpack fuel, your group can work together to complete objectives and discover hidden gems throughout the game, creating memorable moments you won't soon forget.

Freedom to Discover

Unshackled from the limitations of fuel restrictions, players can venture off the beaten path and engage in various roles within Wobbly Life. This mod not only enhances your individual experience but also transforms the way groups interact and explore the vast game world.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite jetpack fuel. Your jetpack fuel will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Jetpack Fuel

Gives you infinite jetpack fuel.

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