Jelly Man Basement Unlocker

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Jelly Man Basement Unlocker mod

Unlock the door to Jelly Man's basement and dive straight into an exciting adventure! This mod allows you to easily navigate the Jelly Man storyline and uncover hidden secrets within his mysterious basement. Plus, effortlessly assemble the Jelly Car with instant placement options to explore Wobbly Island like never before.

Discover Hidden Secrets

Curious about what lies behind Jelly Man's locked basement? This mod aspires to provide a thrilling way to explore hidden secrets and enhance your gameplay in Wobbly Life. Jump straight to the entrance and uncover the mysteries waiting just for you!

Streamline Your Gameplay

Why waste time on tedious tasks when you can effortlessly progress through the Jelly Man storyline? With options to unlock doors and quickly assemble your Jelly Car, you can focus on the fun aspects of Wobbly Life without getting bogged down.

Complete the Jelly Car with Ease

Putting together the Jelly Car is now a breeze! Utilize the instant placement features to gather all necessary components like wheels, engine, and body jelly in no time, allowing for a smooth driving experience across Wobbly Island.

Extra Details

Ever wanted to get into Jelly Man's locked basement? Use this mod to easily progress the Jelly Man story line and discover the secrets within!

This modpack contains the following mods

Teleport to Jelly Man Basement Entrance

Teleport yourself to the locked door. Use this to discover the Jelly Man basement secret.

Unlock Jelly Man Basement

Instantly unlock the Jelly Man basement door.

Place Wheels on Jelly Car

Instantly find and place all the wheels for the jelly car.

Place Engine on Jelly Car

Instantly find and place the engine for the jelly car.

Place Body Jelly on Jelly Car

Instantly deliver all the jelly for the body of the jelly car.

Place Steering Wheel on Jelly Car

Instantly place the steering wheel on the jelly car.

Finish the Jelly Car

Instantly finish the jelly car.

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