Museum Artifact Unlocker

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Museum Artifact Unlocker mod

Enhance your Wobbly Life experience by instantly unlocking and exploring a fully completed museum with the Museum Artifact Unlocker mod. Enjoy the freedom to access all museum artifacts without any gameplay restrictions, allowing you to delve into the treasures and secrets at your leisure.

Overview Video
Full Access to Museum Treasures

Gain immediate access to all museum artifacts in Wobbly Life, enabling you to explore and enjoy the complete museum experience without any gameplay restrictions.

Instant Museum Completion

Unlock all museum artifacts instantly and revel in the pleasure of navigating a fully completed museum in Wobbly Life, saving countless hours of gameplay.

Unrestricted Museum Experience

Liberate the museum artifacts in Wobbly Life and relish in a completely unrestrained museum adventure, allowing you to discover and interact with every unique item at your own pace.

Extra Details

Unlock and find all of the artifacts in the museum instantly. Explore a fully completed museum.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Museum Artifacts

Instantly unlock all the artifacts in the museum.

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