Pet Manager

Wobbly Life

Unlock all the pets in the game. Give yourself any pet. Change which pet is active when ever you like.

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This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Pets

Unlocks all pets. Pets can be purchased from a pet store. Close and open the pet purchase menu for this option to apply.

Pets Are Free

Makes all pets completely free. Purchase a pet from a pet store.

Refresh Possible Pets

Refresh the list of possible pets that can be given to you.

Give Pet Type

Choose the pet you want to give yourself.

Give Pet Name

The name of your new pet.

Give Pet Color

The color of your new pet.

Give Pet Glow Intensity

Makes your pet glow. The higher the number, the more intense the pet will glow. A value of 255 is pretty intense.

Give Pet

Shows a menu that will let you select a slot to place your new pet into, overriding any existing pet in that slot. The pet can be customised via the other options.

Change Active Pet

Change which pet is following you at any time. This will show a pop up menu for each player that lets you change your selected pet.