Present Unlocker

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Present Unlocker mod

Unlock all the presents throughout the world in Wobbly Life, gaining access to their unique benefits while allowing for a refreshing collection experience. Whether you're looking to secure special items or replay the fun of gathering them, this mod is designed to elevate your adventures on Wobbly Island.

Overview Video
Rediscover the Joy of Collecting

Experience the thrill of unlocking all presents in Wobbly Life, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of collecting items you may have missed. Revisit past locations, collect rewards, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Wobbly Island once again.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Unique Benefits

By gaining access to the various benefits that come with each present, you can elevate your gameplay experience. Unlock special items and achievements that will assist you in your adventures and help you stand out in the Wobbly Life universe.

Reset and Replay for Endless Fun

With the option to lock all presents, you can reset your progress and collect everything anew. Change maps or return to the main menu for a fresh start, ensuring you always have the chance to enjoy the excitement of present collecting with friends.

Extra Details

Unlock all the presents around the world and gain access to the present benefits. Lock all the presents so you can go around and collect them all again.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Presents

Unlocks all the presents. This will grant the items and achievements assossiated with them but not the money.

Lock All Presents

Locks all the presents. This allows you to collect them all again. You should change maps or return to the main menu for presents around the map to respawn.

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