A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Spawner mod

Unlock your creativity in Wobbly Life with the ability to spawn a diverse array of props and vehicles using an intuitive Spawner tab. Explore and customize your gaming world effortlessly while diving into a treasure trove of images and categories to find exactly what you need.

Overview Video
Seamless Prop Creation

Imagine diving into the vibrant world of Wobbly Life and instantly bringing your favorite props to life. With this innovative tool, you can easily create a personalized gaming experience by selecting from a rich gallery of props, adjusting categories, and seamlessly spawning them at your fingertips.

Explore with Style

Take your adventures to the next level! Not only can you spawn props, but you can also customize your gameplay with vehicles. This mod opens new pathways for exploration, letting you customize your surroundings and experience the vibrant island in a brand-new way.

User-Friendly Experience

No more digging through menus to find that perfect item! This mod is designed with a straightforward interface that makes searching for and spawning props effortless, enabling you to focus on fun and creativity rather than struggle.

Extra Details

Spawn props using the Spawner tab. The spawner tab shows you images of all the props that are available to spawn, lets you easily search through and find props, and lets you browse props by categories. You can spawn vehicles using the spawner too.

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