Train Controller

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Train Controller mod

Take charge of the train in Wobbly Life with the Train Controller mod. Modify the max speed and acceleration, prevent the AI from driving the train, and pause or drive the train without being inside. Unleash unprecedented control to perform unique stunts and create exciting in-game experiences.

Master Train Maneuvering

Take complete control of the train in Wobbly Life. You can pause it entirely, drive it at your preferred speed, or even alter the acceleration, giving you unparalleled control over your in-game environment.

Ultimate Stunt Performances

With the train controller mod in Wobbly Life, you can prevent the AI from taking charge of the train, enabling you to pull off daring stunts and thrilling gameplay sequences using the train in unique and innovative ways.

Customize Train Speed and Direction

Gain the ability to manipulate the train's speed and direction to suit your gameplay style or creative visions. Whether you desire faster speeds or want to bring the train to a sudden stop, the train controller mod empowers you with flexibility and creativity.

Extra Details

Take control of the train. Completely pause the train, or drive it forward or backwards without being inside. Change the max speed and acceleration of the train. Prevent the AI from driving the train. This is great if you're trying to pull off stunts with a train.

This modpack contains the following mods

Block AI Acceleration

If enabled, stops the AI from driving the train. Only players can drive the train. The AI will try to stop the train if this option is enabled.

Override Max Speed

If enabled, the max speed of the train will be overridden.

Max Speed

The max speed the train can go if overridden. The default in the game is a value of 20, which will be applied if the max speed is not overridden.

Override Acceleration Speed

Overrides the acceleration speed of the train. The default of 0.1 will be set if this option is disabled.

Train Acceleration Speed

The speed the train can accelerate at. The default is 0.1.

Force Set Train Speed

If enabled, the train's current speed will constantly be set to the specified value. It can't go faster than the max speed you specify.

Train Speed

The speed of the train if you force set the train's speed.

Stop Train

Instantly stop the train.

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