Treasure Hunter

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Treasure Hunter mod

Elevate your treasure hunting experience in Wobbly Life with this mod. Instantly teleport to treasure locations or move treasures to you for easy access. Uncover artifacts and unearth treasures effortlessly by utilizing the mod's features.

Overview Video
Masterful Treasure Hunting

Unleash your inner treasure hunter with the ability to instantly teleport to the nearest treasure spot, making the hunt more exhilarating and efficient.

Enhanced Discovery

Elevate your adventure by spawning random artifact treasures using the mod, introducing new, exciting elements to your treasure hunting experiences.

Unrestricted Hunting

Unearth treasures effortlessly by utilizing the option to dig anywhere on the map and spawn metal detectors for a more comprehensive and enjoyable treasure search.

Extra Details

Improve your treasure hunting ability, instantly teleport to treasure, move the treasure to you, dig anywhere, spawn treasures and spawn metal detectors.

This modpack contains the following mods

Teleport Nearest Treasure To Me

First start a treasure hunt mission. Teleport the nearest treasure to you. You can dig it up using the dig option or by using a metal detector.

Teleport To Nearest Treasure

First start a treasure hunt mission. Teleport your player to the nearest treasure location that hasn't been dug up yet.

Dig Nearest Treasure

First start a treasure hunt mission. Dig up any treasures that you are near. This won't do anything if you are no where near a treasure. Use the teleport to treasure option to find a treasure.

Spawn Random Artifact Treasure

Instantly spawn a random treasure. This will spawn an artifact.

Spawn Metal Detector

Instantly spawn a metal detector.

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