Water Color

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Water Color mod

Immerse yourself in the ever-changing world of Wobbly Life with the Water Color mod. This mod allows you to modify the water's appearance, from color to texture, enabling you to transform it into lava, acid, or any other unique visual variant. With preset options and custom color choices, you can tailor the water's look and feel to match your personal style and imagination.

Dive into Diverse Waters

Embrace the power to transform the water in Wobbly Life, adjusting its color and texture to create a unique and personalized gaming environment. Whether you want to turn the water into lava, acid, or custom hues, this mod brings a new level of creativity to your gameplay.

Personalize with Presets

Use preset options to instantly change the visual dynamics of the water in Wobbly Life. From vibrant lava flows to eerie acidic waters, the mod offers a quick and easy way to refresh and personalize your gaming experience with just a click.

Unleash Your Creativity

With a full range of customization options, the mod empowers you to fine-tune water color, foam, edges, and other properties. Experiment with different color combinations using the color picker, allowing you to shape the visual aesthetic of the game to your liking.

Extra Details

Change the color and style of the water. Turn the water into Lava, Acid, or something completely different.

This modpack contains the following mods


Pick from a preset to change the look and feel of the water.

Apply Preset

Apply the selected preset, changing all relevant options.

Water Color

The color of the water.

Water Foam Color

The color of the water foam.

Water Edge Color

The color of the edge of the water.

Deep Water Color

The color of water when it is really deep.

Water Foam Distance

How far away from you the water foam will appear.

Water Wave Movement

How far vertically up and down the water can move when waves are made.

Water Surface Noise Cutoff

How far away water can be before noise is cut off.

Water Depth

How deep the water is. Changes when things start to get dark.

Water Deep Depth

How deep before the water is considered to be deep water and the deep water comes into play.

Apply Water Color

Apply the current color settings to the water.

Reset Water Color

Reset the color of the water, setting all options back to their defaults.

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