Water Flood

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Water Flood mod

Empower your Wobbly Life gameplay with this mod that allows you to unleash natural disasters, control water height, and manipulate the game's environments. Trigger floods or droughts, adjust water height, and interact with ocean floors in ways never seen before in the game.

Overview Video
Unleash Natural Disasters at Will

Experience the thrill of triggering floods or droughts as you take control of the natural elements in Wobbly Life, shaping the environment as you desire.

Master Water Manipulation

With the mod, you gain the power to adjust water height, reset it to original conditions, and even make it follow your character, offering an entirely new level of interactivity within the game.

Adventures in Dynamic Environments

Engage in unique experiences by traversing ocean floors and changing water behaviors, adding a new dimension to your Wobbly Life gameplay with this mod.

Extra Details

Escape from a mighty flood that will consume the entire wobbly island. Escaping to the mountains is your only option. Trigger a drought and walk around on the ocean floors. Take control of the water. Water height not changing? Turn the mod off and on again to reset it.

This modpack contains the following mods

Trigger Flood

Instantly trigger a flood. The lands will be filled with water. You must get to higher ground.

Trigger Drought

Instantly trigger a drought. The water will slowly disappear until the oceans are dry.

Stop Disaster

Stop the flood.

Height Offset

The height to set the water to. This can range between -30 and 470.

Set Height

Set the height.

Read Height

Read the height of the water and update the height offset option in AzzaMods.

Reset Water

Reset water to the original height / conditions.

Make Water Follow Player

Makes the water always set to be a certain height offset from where the player is.

Follow Water Can't Lower

If the water is following the player, it can't decrease in height.

Follow Player Offset

How far away the water will be when it follows you. The larger the value, the more safe you'll be. The default is 10.

Max Water Follow Rise Speed

The max speed the water can rise at when following the player.

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