Wear Multiple Outfits

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Wear Multiple Outfits mod

Unleash your creativity and personalize your in-game avatar like never before with the ability to wear multiple outfits at the same time. Stack various clothing items, from hats to pants, in any combination, and effortlessly save and reload your custom ensembles for continuous fun and style in Wobbly Life.

Mix and Match Outfits Freely

With this mod, seamlessly combine different clothing items and create unique looks that were previously not possible in Wobbly Life. Mix and match hats, tops, and pants with ease, allowing for a true expression of your style and personality in the game.

Save and Reload Your Signature Look

Enjoy the freedom to save your favorite outfit combinations for later use. This feature ensures that your carefully curated looks are never lost, and you can easily reload them whenever you desire, eliminating the need to manually layer clothing items each time you play.

Enhance Roleplaying with Custom Attire

Elevate your roleplaying experience by constructing intricate and unconventional outfits to suit your character's story. Whether you're portraying a daring adventurer or a fashionable trendsetter, this mod gives you the tools to fully embody your character within Wobbly Life.

Extra Details

Allows you to wear as many different outfits as you want at the same time. Wear multiple hats. Wear multiple tops. Wear multiple pants. Stack things in any way you can imagine. Go to a wardrobe and open it when you are in the game as usual. Normally when you click an item, the old item would be removed. This mod changes that so clicking an item to put it on, clicking it again to take it off. Clicking on different items will continue to add more and more items to your outfit. Click the red cross out circle to remove all hats, tops or pants, depending on which tab you are on. This currently only works for your local player and won't show up for other players. You only get a single costume across the different save slots when using this mod. The costume will reload if you close the game, or respawn, and stay persistent until you return to a wardrobe and change it.

This modpack contains the following mods

Wear Multiple Outfits

Allows you to wear as many different clothing items as you want.

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