Weather Editor

A mod for Wobbly Life
About the Weather Editor mod

Immerse yourself in Wobbly Life like never before with a powerful weather editor that lets you create your own atmospheric conditions. Adjust the time of day and tailor the weather to suit your gameplay, whether you want bright sunshine or an epic thunderstorm. You can lock the weather to avoid unexpected changes, giving you the freedom to explore and complete objectives without interruption.

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Transform Your Environment at Will

Experience Wobbly Life like never before! With the ability to alter the weather in an instant, you can set the perfect mood for your adventures, whether it's a bright sunny day or a thrilling thunderstorm.

Master the Elements

Take complete control over your gameplay! This mod allows you to lock the weather, ensuring that you enjoy your time in Wobbly Life without any unexpected changes while you explore or complete challenges.

Customize Your Adventure

Delve into the depths of weather customization. By overriding rain intensity and fog visibility, you create a unique gameplay experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences and enhances your enjoyment.

Extra Details

A weather editor for Wobbly Life. Change the weather in real time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Time of Day

Control the time of day. Think of the values of this like a circle, there are 360 degrees in a circle and 360 possible locations for the sun. A value of 0 would be day, 90 mid day, 180 sun set amd 270 midnight.

Lock Weather

Prevent the weather from randomly changing.

Weather Type

Choose the weather type and then use the set weather action to actually change it. This uses the built in weather system. Some weather types are only available on certain islands. Use the overrides below to create your own custom weather.

Set Weather

Set the weather that was chosen in the weather type option.

Refresh Weather Types

Refresh the list of available preset weather types. This is best used when you are loaded into the game.

Override Fog View Distance

Enable the toggle to control the intensity of the fog. The value controls how far you can see in the fog. A larger value will allow you to see further. A value of 500 is light fog, a value of 50 is heavy fog.

Override Rain Intensity

Allows you to decide how heavy the rain will be or letting the game decide.

Override Rain Type

Allows you to choose between rain and snow and letting the game control it.

Custom Lightning

Allows you to choose between having a storm, not having a storm, and letting the game decide.

Custom Lightning Player Hit Chance

The chance of a lightning bolt hitting a player, between 0 and 100.

Custom Lightning Min Delay

The minimum time in seconds before another lightning bolt can strike. The min and max will swap if max is less than min.

Custom Lightning Max Delay

The maximum time in seconds before another lightning bolt can strike. The min and max will swap if max is less than min.

Create Lightning

Instantly create a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt will use the custom lightning settings, hitting the player based on the hit chance. Binding this to a key allows you to create lightning at will.

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